Beginner Violin Tips


Why Beginner Violin Tips?

Beginner Violin Tips is a hub for all of your beginner violin needs. Whether you’re looking to launch a career as a violinist, add a new instrument to your musical repertoire, or simply looking for a fun and rewarding hobby, we can help you to achieve your goals.

We realize that as a new violinist you may not know all of the different items and skills that are required, or even if you do, you may not know how to go about finding the specific type of beginner violin, bow, rosin, and other items that are right for you.

As you advance in your violin training and skills, we can also help to send you down the right path to becoming a violin expert. This is why we created Beginner Violin Tips – to guide you in this field.

What’s Unique About Beginner Violin Tips?

There are a lot of resources available online about how to become a violinist, however none of the websites we’ve found are very user-friendly. Often you don’t know where to begin, or are presented with a million options all at once, and you leave even more confused than when you arrived.

Our goal is to make this process as streamlined and easy as possible for you to follow. We want to walk you through the entire process so you can focus more on your violin practice and less on figuring out what to do next.

Who’s Behind Beginner Violin Tips?

Believe it or not, we are a couple of lifelong cellists who decided to learn the violin for fun.

We have nearly 30 years of string instrument experience between us, and went through the whole process: first learning to play in the public school system, taking private lessons, competing in state competitions, buying string instruments both online and from violin shops, working our way up to first chair in several youth orchestras, touring in a professional string quartet, and playing in university orchestras at the University of Southern California and Georgia Tech.

Now we’ve been learning the violin for fun and want to create a better resource for others to do the same. We hope you enjoy!