Beginner Violin Tips

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Music Stand Tips – What A Beginner Violinist Should Look For

The 9 top tips for getting a music stand that lasts and meets all your needs. We cover portability, stability, height, width and more, and reveal our favorite.

Violin Shoulder Rest – How to Choose One and Adjust It

You need a good violin shoulder rest to comfortably play the violin for any period of time. Here’s a review of our favorite.

How To Find Violin Shops Near You

A comprehensive map to help you find violin shops near you.

Choosing a Violin Bow

The top 5 tips you should consider when buying a violin bow. Bows can greatly affect your technique, so make sure you are confident in your choice. Here’s how!

Violin Shops – The Top 10 Tips You Must Know Before Buying

The 10 critical tips you should know before visitng violin shops. We cover price range, how to judge quality, buying vs. renting, and more.

Choosing the Right Violin Size

Not sure what violin size to buy or rent? We’ll help you figure out the right size, price range, and violin shops to get a kids violin.

Violin Strings – Instantly Make Your Beginner Violin Sound 10x Better

A beginner violin usually comes with very low-end strings. Quality makes a big difference for sound and playability. We review your best options.

Violin Rosin – Read This Before Buying

Light rosin or dark rosin? Violin rosin is an essential item that has an impact on the sound and playability of your beginner violin. Here’s what works!

Buying A Beginner Violin – How To Make Sense Of Your Options

We know that buying a beginner violin can be a little scary if it’s the first time you’re doing it. Find out the most important things to look for and what to avoid.