Beginner Violin Tips

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The Best Violin Tuner Metronome for Beginners

How do you choose a good beginner violin tuner metronome? What features should you look for? Which one is our favorite? We reveal all.

Music Stand Tips – What A Beginner Violinist Should Look For

The 9 top tips for getting a music stand that lasts and meets all your needs. We cover portability, stability, height, width and more, and reveal our favorite.

Violin Maintenance Tips – 12 Secrets To Make Your Violin Last

The top tips that will keep your violin squeaky fresh over the long term. Prevent damage and keep it in top condition with these simple steps.

How To Find Violin Shops Near You

A comprehensive map to help you find violin shops near you.

Violin Strings – Instantly Make Your Beginner Violin Sound 10x Better

A beginner violin usually comes with very low-end strings. Quality makes a big difference for sound and playability. We review your best options.