Beginner Violin Tips

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How to Build Violin Calluses Quickly, Minimize Finger Pain, and Prevent Blisters

At the beginning, learning to play the violin is rough on your fingers. There is really no way around it. Repeated friction and pressure on the fingertips of your left hand can create finger pain. BUT… the human body is an amazing thing. After a few weeks of regular playing, the skin on your fingertips will […]

Pizzicato – How to Get Faster and Avoid Hurting Yourself

Usually abbreviated pizz., pizzicato means you should pluck the strings instead of using the violin bow. The opposite of pizzicato is arco, which in Italian means “bow.” Pizzicato in Sheet Music If neither pizz. nor arco are explicitly stated in your sheet music, then you should assume the music is meant to be played arco (with the bow). Some beginner violin books have you […]

Violin Maintenance Tips – 12 Secrets To Make Your Violin Last

The top tips that will keep your violin squeaky fresh over the long term. Prevent damage and keep it in top condition with these simple steps.